Our mission

"Cutting edge knowledge for your business and financial success"

At the Panta Rei Academy, we help entrepreneurs and ambitious people to achieve greater success in business and personal finance. At our events, we will help you win in marketing, sales, management, personal finance and investing money.

We are the leading seminar organizer and promoter, focusing on Eastern European markets. Since 2004 we've organized seminars with some of the best public speakers in the world, like Brian Tracy, Kevin Green, Andy Harrington, Robert G. Allen, Raymond Aaron, Robert Rolih, Chet Holmes, Derek Arden, prof. Richard Scase, Geoff Burch and others.

All our speakers are carefully handpicked and are top experts in their field of expertise. We are passionate about delivering only world class seminars that impact the lives of our clients.

All the knowledge we share with our clients comes from practice. Namely, we achieve the “impossible” with them - with the book The Million Dollar Decision we have created an international bestseller, and we regularly (and very successfully) conduct our educational courses in the markets of Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Russia…

International Bestseller:


Claim a Free Chapter of Robert's Bestselling Book and Get to Know the Six Dark Forces of Investing!


92% of investors are losing large amounts of money when investing – without even being aware of it. And the main cause for that are The Six Dark Forces of Investing™. If you don’t learn what these forces are, you will never be able to invest profitably. Click below now to get to know them, and Darth Vader will seem like a good guy to you.

International Bestseller

"The Million Dollar Decision already saved 20,000+ financial lives.

Let it save yours too!"

The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth

International bestseller. 80+ 5 star reviews on Amazon.

The bad news is that most financial advisers, investing gurus and other financial “experts” are out there to legally steal your invested money. That is why a typical investor loses more than one million dollars in his or her investing career. The good news is that you can smile now because finally there is a simple solution. Make the Million Dollar Decision now and save your financial life!

"If you care about your financial future and if you don't want to get ripped off by the financial industry, read this book now." (Daven Michaels, NY Times bestselling author)

Success Stories

Since the founding of the Panta Rei Academy in 2004, more than 100,000 people at home and abroad have attended our educational events. Get to know their success stories…

"I consider education to be very useful. It reminded me of many shortcomings that occur in everyday work. Applying for an education turned out to be a great decision."

Primož Anžlin,

Toyota Adria d.o.o.

About the workshop: "Closing the sale"

“The program offers concrete guidelines and goals on how a successful leader should work. The biggest benefit is that the program has raised awareness of what I'm doing as a manager to make the company more successful. "

Marko Samec,

Dinocolor d.o.o.

About the program: "5 keys to excellent leadership"

Our Programs

7 Top internal business programs and leadership workshop

for your success!


Pyramid of Professional Sales ™:

The Professional Sales Pyramid is a one-day program for salespeople who sell services and products in face-to-face meetings. For this workshop, its designer Robert Rolih received the European Public Speaker of the Year 2015 award from the London Professional Speakers Academy.


Demanding Sales Training ™:

Probably the best B2B sales program on our market. Advanced Sales Training is an intensive program for salespeople in five sessions. It is intended for salespeople who sell services or products of higher value, and their customers are demanding business customers.


Closing Sales:

This is a shorter, half-day program designed for salespeople who already have a good command of the sales process and its phases, but are unable to complete sales.


First steps to successful leadership:

This is the most popular leadership workshop at the Panta Rei Academy. It is a one-day workshop aimed at managers who have just started working in a leadership position and managers who have not yet seriously trained in leadership. It is especially popular with companies where managers are mainly experts in their field (engineers, IT, etc.), but would like to strengthen their management skills.


5 keys to excellent leadership ™:

The biggest problem for many leaders is not a lack of leadership knowledge, but the application of this knowledge in practice. This is the first so-called an “experiential program” where participants actually experience what their subordinates experience when they are led. In addition, the program is equipped with mechanisms that ensure the systematic transfer of learning into practice and daily operation. We carry it out in five meetings, followed by 5 additional weeks of consolidation of knowledge.


Generation Y management:

If your managers have difficulty managing the youngest employees in your company, then they need insight into their way of thinking and values and, above all, concrete means and tools with which they can lead them appropriately.


Time management:

In any business, people waste an enormous amount of time. As a result, they are less efficient, do less, feel overwhelmed and stressed. The one-day workshop is based on the best-selling time management program in the world, offering approaches and techniques that can save up to 2 hours a day.

International Bestseller:

7 reasons why you should start investing by Robert Rolih

Robert is the international bestselling author of one of the best rated investing books The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth. His mission is to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing.


Our Speakers

Engage with thought leaders who will transform the way you think about business and investing!

leadership course panta rei brian tracy


Legendary speaker & author

leadership course panta rei robert rolih


Bestselling author & investing expert

leadership course panta rei kevin green


Wealth coach
business expert

leadership course panta rei daniel priestly


Best-selling author
Founder of Dent

leadership course panta rei andy harrington


Public speaking expert & author

leadership course panta rei paul omahony


Twitter king
Social media marketing

leadership course panta rei geoff burch


Sales expert & author

leadership course panta rei robert g allen


#1 NY Times
Bestselling Author

If you would like to become one of our speakers click below.

Panta Rei Academy
Panta Rei Academy
Panta Rei Academy
leadership course panta rei robert rolih

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